What size air duct work do I need?

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Duct work is important to carry the dust, dirt and other contaminants etc. and should be properly sized for creating an efficient carrying velocity. Ductwork sizing is mainly based on two variables that is the volume of the air being carried out and the type of the contaminant being collected.  Right sized duct work will enable your air conditioning system to work more efficiently and effectively. Incorrect duct size installation will make the air conditioning system to work harder to keep the room cooled or heated. Big sized ducting will make the air velocity being compromised and obstruct the clear flow of air through air vents. While choosing the ductwork for your home, there are certain factors to be kept in mind like the space availability, room measurement, required cubic per minute, heating or cooling requirements etc.

Proper duct work sizing is very important to ensure the home comfort. Undersized ductwork will reduce the airflow and makes it difficult to maintain the HVAC equipment performance. Proper ducting is necessary so that each room gets sufficient air. Ducts should also be properly insulated to avoid heat loss or gain during winters and summers respectively. Duct sizing should also depend on the amount of air required in each room. Duct sizing, number of bends, shape and take-off length are all important factors that will affect the overall flow of the air. In case of flexible ducting proper care should be given at the time of installation to ensure that air distribution will be with least resistance and restrictions.

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