Why Motorized Fire Dampers by KAD Air Conditioning are The Best?

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Why are fire dampers important?

Fire Dampers are installed in HVAC ductwork at points that act as fire and smoke barriers. The purpose is to prevent fires. Motorized Fire Dampers stop the flame spreading from one side of the fire-rated separation to the other. These dampers work with actuators. They are controlled by heat detector signal or such controls.

Fire Dampers

  • regulate the flow of air inside the air handling equipment
  • prevent a fire from spreading through the ventilation ducts.
  • prevent the spread of fire even after the HVAC system is turned off.
  • have pneumatic actuators which ensures the dampers close in case there is a power failure.

Motorized Fire Dampers form a critical part of any building’s fire fighting strategy. Only the best quality should be used and due care should be taken to ensure that they are installed properly.

Why are Motorized Fire Dampers by KAD Air Conditioning the best?

KAD Air Conditioning is the leading manufacturer of motorized fire dampers. We ensure that

  • Our motorized fire dampers are made with the best quality raw material.
  • Our team of Research & Development experts is constantly at work to make the best quality dampers.
  • We have studied the market thoroughly and understand it.
  • Our fire dampers are customized to the need of our clients.
    • Because we find it imperative that we study the requirements of our clients before we design the dampers and deliver the final product.
  • We have the best technical team in place to design our motorized fire dampers to match them to international standards.
  • Our motorized fire dampers are competitively priced.
  • we provide on-time delivery, the best after-sales service and top of the line customer service.

We provide certified and reliable products in the UAE.Our team is always available to our clients to help them with the process of purchase, installation and customer care thereafter.

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