Characteristic Features of Fire Rated Doors and what Makes them an Ideal Access Doors

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One of the most special access doors that we know are the fire rated access doors, as they provide the additional property of fire resistance and prevent the fire from spreading into the wall. The fire rated insulated access doors are specially manufactured to be installed on fire rated drywall covered walls and ceilings, and also for plaster covered fire rated ceilings and walls.

The plaster and drywall coverings must be put before installation of special access doors; both compounds are an ideal solution for these insulated doors. At first, these doors are installed within the door panel and then they are provided with hooks and springs. These are hooked to the back side of a door panel. The attachment of springs on the door panel provides these doors with the property of self-locking and self-closing. The access doors when left open gets automatically closed because of the presence of hooked spring.

One of the top Access doors manufacturers in UAE i.e. KAD Air Conditioning offer these doors in both vertical and horizontal installations; they are available in different dimensions and size ranging from 24 inches to 48 inches. Both the horizontal and vertical installations have high-quality white powder and primer coating.

The best element in doors supplied by KAD Air Conditioning is that the frame it offers is crafted from 22 gauges up to 12 gauge galvanized sheet. We also provide stainless steel doors and other access doors with aluminum construction. Access doors supplied at KAD Air Conditioning have 2 inches thick insulation. They also have rubber foam gasket that is specially installed in the system for positive closure of doors.

KAD Air Conditioning also offers its clients with special access doors having a safety chain. The safety chain attached with the door provides additional safety to the gasket and the place where they are mounted. Depending upon the requirement of clients, we can offer doors with a special specification to meet the expectations of our clients.

These doors are provided with cam-lock feature, and this feature enables quick locking of the doors. As soon as they are left open, the door will shut down and self-lock.


Access doors play an important role in HVAC systems, so they should only be purchased from a reliable supplier like KAD Air Conditioning. Though there are plenty of access doors and fire rated door suppliers in the Middle East, but one of the most renowned names in access doors distribution is KAD Air Conditioning, as we offer high-quality doors that are manufactured with supreme quality materials.

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