Classifying the Sound Attenuators and their Characteristics

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Rectangular Attenuators:

Rectangular attenuators are highly preferred for sound attenuation in ventilation ducts and ventilation zones. Modern sound attenuator manufacturers in UAE are more focused towards developing the energy saving characteristics in the attenuators. In this context, the demands of aerodynamically shaped sound attenuation splitters have significantly grown in modern times. One can definitely save a considerable amount of energy through these attenuators. In fact, the reputed sound attenuator manufacturers in UAE like KAD Air Conditioning can promise 30% reduction of drag, thus making it extremely energy saving.

The secret behind energy saving nature of the rectangular attenuators is actually the materials used for their manufacture. These are usually made from flame retardant materials and absorption materials.


Aerodynamically shaped sound attenuation splitters can be availed in three standard thicknesses. One may go with the 100 mm option, 200 mm or 300 mm option. Rectangular sound attenuators are also available in different dimensions. For example, we at KAD Air Conditioning provide rectangular sound attenuators in five standard cross-section dimensions like d/s- 100/50, 100/100, 200/100, 200/200 and 300/100.

Top sound attenuator manufacturers prepare attenuator casing through the galvanized steel by fitting the flanges perfectly for best performance. If the attenuator is comparatively heavy, these are supplied in a couple or more sections. Each of the section is kept below 300 kg in such occasion.

Round and Interspace Attenuators:

Round attenuators are equally popular as well like the rectangular attenuators. Round attenuators are the ones where outer casing is prepared using the galvanized sheet steel and are packed with sound absorbing materials. Inner ducts of the round attenuators are prepared using the perforated galvanized sheet steels. Manufacturers often enjoy bulk orders of these round attenuators these days due to greater use of gadgets these days. They might also offer some discount for bulk orders. But, it is always essential to go with only the most experienced manufacturers for ensuring the best quality.

Apart from this, Interspace attenuators are also quite demanded as of the rectangular and rounded sound attenuators. The Interspace attenuators are generally manufactured using the galvanized sheet steels, which contain sound absorbing material within it.

KAD Air Conditioning can no doubt provide you the best quality attenuator, of any amount, at affordable price, whether you need the rectangular sound attenuators, round attenuators or the interspace attenuators.

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