How to Create the Best Noise Control Mechanism At Low Cost

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Both industrial and commercial projects for HVAC systems are designed on the core principle of keeping the cost low. When it comes to industrial noise attenuation, usually advanced technology and latest engineering techniques cost a lot more. But, not anymore, because now you can get a fairly priced noise attenuation system designed and manufactured by the well-credentialed team of KAD Air Conditioning.

Our offered Sound Attenuator is developed to save lots of cost and also acclaimed across Dubai for avoiding the loss of machine performance. Designed to be applied to any type of industrial machine the offered models are widely utilized for high noise attenuation on an extract fan.

We understand the ventilation requirements and present many standards and models to choose from the low cost noise attenuation solutions.

What is a Sound Attenuator and how does it work?

Sound Attenuator is a noise control silencer used in HVAC systems in varied industries. Our device is designed thoughtfully to meet the requirements of acoustics, space constraints and energy efficiency.

The device works on attenuating the hum noise of a fan and to meet the required NC level; the offered models are carefully developed with selected air-gap and length. The uniquely designed models reduce noise levels between two areas; however, the passage of air is still allowed in its design to create the best HVAC system.

Benefits of a Sound Attenuator

Many industries, institutes, commercial sectors, hospitals and clean room systems are availing the multitude of benefits offered by our designed Sound Attenuator.

  1. The KAD Air Conditioning’s sound attenuation solutions are trusted widely for its higher noise absorption capacity.
  2. Made from the best in the class inventory of raw material the offered models are highly appreciated for its longer service life and sturdy construction.
  3. The result of extensive research and advancements in manufacturing techniques, the sound attenuators developed at KAD Air Conditioning are capable of obtaining the required insertion loss.
  4. The thoughtfully designed noise attenuation solutions at KAD Air Conditioning feature excellent aerodynamics characteristics.
  5. The assurance of low-pressure drop in our sound attenuation solutions makes us the best entity in the industry.
  6. The advanced models of KAD Air Conditioning sound attenuators are trusted widely to assure optimum noise control without compromising the performance.

Made precisely at the state of art facilities in Dubai, the KAD sound attenuators are famous in terms of consistent quality. So, browse through our extensive collection of low priced sound attenuation solution for your HVAC systems.


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