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Ensuring the safety of a commercial building involves the consideration of several factors. But no matter how careful you might be in incorporating the security measures in your building, it’s a bit impossible to avoid more subtle risks. Maybe most people are unaware of the fact that the air they breathe can also turn into a peril without proper safeguards and maintenance and so it is an essential task to clean the air duct system for ensuring the safety of the inmates of a building.

As the outline of duct systems are often found multifold, and you need to have an access point to reach the air, access doors are crucial for every system. Without an access door, it often becomes tough to reach, turn, twist, and clean the air duct systems. These hard-to-access corners of a duct system often congregate bacteria and germs which spread illness in air. But with access doors, one can easily reach the hard-to-reach points of a centralized duct system and clean the ventilation system efficiently.

If you are looking for access doors manufacturers or access doors suppliers in UAE for your newly settled office or mall, then KAD Air Conditioning is worth exploring. We, at KAD Air Conditioning, have congregated the best-in-class and best-in-the-market access doors and other duct accessories which can meet up all your commercial and residential needs quickly.

An outline of KAD Air Conditioning

  • KAD Air Conditioning is a commercial division of multinational Bin Dasmal Group of Dubai who manufactures and supplies construction, maintenance, common trading, coatings, contracting and industrial lifting equipment.
  • Since 2002, KAD Air Conditioning is working as a of Bin Dasmal Group company.
  • At KAD Air Conditioning, we have covered ultimate solutions for heating, cooling, and ventilation systems and needs.
  • We not only manufacture duct systems and duct equipment but also supplies to different regions of UAE and other GCC countries.
  • At KAD Air Conditioning, we always maintain the principle of serving the consumers high-class modified ducting solutions following the guideline of timely delivery, unbeatable price, and durability guaranty.
  • Our inventory is empowered with a large number of duct equipment and access doors, and this has made us a distinguished access doors supplier in UAE.

Our extensive products range includes:  

1) Model K-AD-25 access door: Manufactured from 22 gauges with bi-fold skin spurred steel sheet with fiberglass insulation of 24 to 32 kg/M3 thickness.

2) Model K-ADH-25: Manufactured from 22 gauges mated with skin galvanized steel sheet with fiberglass insulation of 24 to 32 kg/M3 density inside.

3) Model K-ADH-C-25: Designed from 22 gauges chummed with double skin steel sheet with fiberglass.

If you are looking for the top quality access doors for your duct system, then look no further than KAD Air Conditioning. Call now for no obligation quotes!

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