Why duct access doors are in demand?

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Duct access doors are specifically designed to provide efficient and secure service access to critical areas and in rectangular metal ducts for a wide range of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications. Wherever duct access is needed the access doors is the option to choose. KAD Air Conditioning provides quick easy and economical option to their customers with their own access doors. Access doors should also be installed at certain points along the ventilation system to assure access and increase overall safety. Duct access doors are installed in various areas that includes the heating and cooling coils, control dampers, fire dampers, attenuators of all types, filters, air turning vanes, the exhaust system, duct fans, and any areas where the direction changes.

The duct access doors ensure maximum safety of property when a fire breaks out. They are made of steel that is highly insulated; therefore they can withstand extremely high temperature. Moreover, they will provide a safe exit because some of them can withstand fires for long. Being one of the leading access door suppliers in UAE, KAD’s access doors are tailored to customer’s requirements and are available in various grades and thickness.

In order to make sure the safety and purity of the air is maintained, for this purpose the duct access doors are installed. These doors are basically installed for a convenient examination of the working of air ducts. Before installation check that the ducts have not accumulated any dirt and to ensure that they have not become a home to some infectious animals etc.

There are various types of duct access doors in the market:

  • General purpose access door: These general purpose access doors are designed to serve extremely essential functions like routine check, dust examination etc.
  • Fire rated access door: Fire rated access doors are especially designed to ensure fire safety standards and also other safety standards.
  • Exterior access door: These types of doors are installed in the outskirts of a building as some factors must be accessed from outside. They generally security precautions and require a little more care.
  • Drywall access door: Drywalls access doors are made in such a way that doesn’t leave any space for the hot air to come in and if disturbed might leave spaces between it resulting in the accumulation of hot air.
  • Roof hatches and floor door: These are carefully designed to make sure they withstand all the necessary condition they will have to face like floor doors will need space and construction to withstand foot traffic, and roof hatches should be capable of resisting climatic conditions.

KAD Air Conditioning is one of the reputed access door suppliers in UAE which has always made best efforts to make sure the delivery is on time and provide quality of the product.

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