Why Galvanized Ducting is Primarily Considered for Ducting Solutions?

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Air ducts are an indispensable part of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning process. These ducts have an important position to play for the efficient functioning of the HVAC system. All these ducts have different characteristic features, depending upon the metal used. For instance, the galvanized iron ducts distributed by KAD Air Conditioning are manufactured with galvanized steel sheets of excellent quality.

Counted among the most reputed GI duct manufacturers in UAE, KAD Air Conditioning deals in distribution of all varieties of ducts. Depending upon their utilization and specifications, these ducts are manufactured with various materials. The metal utilized in the manufacturing of air ducts may also be either galvanized iron, mid metal, stainless steel or aluminum metal. Flexible ducts are also in demand these days.

The main job of ducts is to transfer the influx and outflow of air. The heated air from the system is expelled outdoors by way of these ducts, at the same time cool air is transferred within. These air ducts are broadly utilized in different areas such as kitchen, laboratories, hospitals and other places where they help expel out unhygienic air; the heated air is thrown outdoor through these ducts.

KAD Air Conditioning additionally provide all of the accessories related to air ducts, such as fittings, accessories, attachments and all other items. All products supplied are comprised of the finest grade of material and cutting edge technological. KAD Air Conditioning also facilitates these ducts with high degree insulation and soundproofing ability.

Galvanised Iron Ducts – The most reliable ducting solution

GI air ducts are manufactured in rounded and rectangular shapes, where these ducts are fabricated with galvanized sheets of equal grades. The galvanized iron ducts are manufactured with effective craftsmanship as per the client’s requirements. These ducts are available in plain, reflector finishing and transverse flanged type.

The most favorite properties of these ducts are their high strength, durability, and rigid model. The galvanized steel ducts are fully welded and constructed to achieve leak proofing built and design. At KAD Air conditioning, these ducts are manufactured by experienced professionals, technicians and a dedicated team of engineers.

Normally all these ducts have beading on the outside of the frame, and it helps keep a distance of 300 mm between two components. Before selling these ducts, reputed GI duct manufacturers like KAD Air Conditioning inspect and examine each part of the products according to the good-outlined parameter to ensure that ducts deliver high performance.

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