Importance of Access Doors

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Everyone might have heard about access doors, but hardly anyone notices these. Most people are not aware of functioning and importance of these crucial products. Access doors are common fixtures installed with air ducts that you can find in buildings, homes, apartments, malls, complexes and industrial facilities. These are doors that come in plenty of different sizes, types and finishes. It is very important to know about the right access doors for a specific purpose.

Get High Quality Access doors

At KAD Air Conditioning, we provide access doors that come in a range of material and dimensions that will accommodate multiple price ranges, fire safety requirements and climate conditions. We as access door manufacturers have the best models available in the market with the perfect features and made with the finest material which provides 100% functionality and ensures durability as well. We have K-AD-25 made of galvanized steel sheet of G_90 zinc coating. The double skin galvanized steel sheet provides right protection and safely. It comes with quick release cam lock. We also have another excellent model that is the K-ADH- 25 which also has double skin galvanized steel sheet and fiberglass insulation. The door comes with 2 inches of insulation. The K-ADH-C-25 is made from 22 gauge to 12 gauge galvanized steel sheet and comes with aluminum and stainless steel door construction. The fire rated ducts are also manufactured at KAD Air Conditioning where you get the best product that is reliable and matches the application in a perfect way. The fire rated ducts are made of metal, glass, timber, vermiculite boards and more.

Function of Access Door

The access door that we provide at KAD Air Conditioning has a better access inside the flat surface of ductwork. The door has the ability to close tightly which will reduce the chances of dust and dirt entering the duct of the air condition system. The doors come with wide flanges that surround the edges to ensure secure installation. No sharp edges are found at the side of door which might hurt or obstruct entry. The opening size depends on the type of access door that you choose. Access doors provide a definite way to get inside the duct and help to maintain the air duct as the need be. These doors provide a secure closer so that there is no entry for any unauthorized person.

Here at KAD Air Conditioning, we offer only high quality products that are made by high standards of manufacturing and using high quality materials.

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