Importance of Coated Fire Rated Ducts

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Ductworks are vital elements of fire and safety systems installed in the buildings. Fire rated ventilation ducts can avoid fire and warmth spread between two compartments. Fire rated ducts guarantee this compartmentation. Coated fire rated ducts are useful in stopping the fire spread from one fire compartment to a different one, along the stairways, rooms and general access corridors, as long as all building materials and structural elements share a standard fire classification and fire resistance rating.

Choosing the proper ductwork system is vital task considering the complexity of the duct construction function.

Coated fire rated ducts have many features and advantages. Some of the features are as follows:

  • They offer excellent surface finish
  • Coated fire rated duct work system has excellent water resistance quality.
  • They offer excellent UV resistance quality
  • Coated ducts has impeccable water resistance quality.
  • They offer a durable and decorative finish.
  • They are easy to be installed and can be cleaned easily with water.
  • They are much lighter in weight compared to alternate duct solutions.
  • Coated ductwork system is comparatively cheaper than its alternative options.
  • They can provide fire resistance for about 120 minutes.
  • They show stability, integrity an insulation as per applicable standards.

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