How to Reduce the Sound Produced in Your HVAC System with Our Help?

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Have you installed HVAC system in your residential or commercial space? Is your HVAC system operating smoothly or does it exert sound? When the HVAC system produces sound, it certainly develops an irritating sensation due to the created disturbance.

When the system is turned on, the vibration of the parts in the HVAC system produces sound. The wave of sound is propagated through any medium and is perceived by us. These are certainly unwanted and can even be dangerous for a few people as it impacts the state of heart and mind.

Sound Attenuators from KAD Air Conditioning absorb sound flawlessly

The sound attenuator is an excellent sound absorber with the mechanism of reducing sound. KAD Air Conditioning manufacturers design, test, and manufacture the attenuators in order to meet the modern requirements in the residential, commercial as well as industrial projects.

Among the top leading manufacturers in UAE, we manufacture many standard models and provide easy solutions for the applications. The engineers here design and test the products for reducing the noise level in between two areas but without obstructing the airflow. KAD Air Conditioning offers the facility to select the sound attenuators for specialized applications from the wide range of standard models that are manufactured in the house.

KAD Air Conditioning offers wide varieties of sound attenuators for several sectors

We manufacture the sound attenuators that are suitable for industrial, commercial as well as residential applications. One can get the best design and engineering assistance from us for integrating the line of duct silencers or the sound attenuators into the HVAC system. You can find a great option to select a sound attenuator from the standard or custom engineered models as for the satisfactory requirements in the varied applications.

Sound attenuators are the best control measures in the system designs as to control the noisy environment. The sound attenuators are manufactured with specified noise level so that they are suitably added to the locations in the ventilation system.

Sound attenuators are tested and certified to be the best: KAD Air Conditioning

The sound attenuators having good silencing capabilities and low air resistance feature are installed in the duct system for absorbing sound. We aerodynamically design the sound attenuators for ensuring the maximum insertion loss with minimal pressure drop.

We offer sturdy construction with high noise absorption capacity for obtaining the insertion loss. At KAD Air Conditioning, one of the leading sound attenuator manufacturers, products are tested and certified in accordance with the defined manufacturing standards.

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