How to do the selection of right smoke fire damper?

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Overview: Are you one of those buyers who are perplexed in investing smoke and fire dampers or having less knowledge about their functioning? If your answer is yes then read below what actually smoke fire damper is and what its purpose is?

Smoke fire dampers are especially designed to perform fire and life-safety functions in a building’s HVAC system. These dampers are generally designed to prevent the spread of fire through an opening in a fire resistive barrier. Smoke fire dampers are generally operated to prevent the spread of smoke by closing to stop airflow.

Basically there are two types of fire and smoke dampers:

  • Fusible link operated dampers: These dampers are usually held in an open position by a fusible link which is designed to melt at a certain temperature, allowing gravity or springs to close the damper then, these dampers remain closed until reopened manually. To hold them in the closed position some of the dampers incorporate a latch while others do not.
  • Motor operated dampers: Under this damper, an electric or pneumatic actuator is incorporated as part of the damper assembly. From devices like a smoke detector, a buildings Fire Control Command Center, a sprinkler water flow switch this actuator responds to control signals and position the damper open or closed allowing it to execute it

The damper systems that are especially designed for fire and smoke protection are engineered with electric heat release device which performs twofold obligation in case of a fire. With the assistance of the duct temperature, the device closes itself upon detection of heat and with the assistance of the smoke detector; the device seals the opening to prevent the spread of smoke.

In this way, it is helpful to have benefits of fire and smoke damper in one device that is highly efficient and prevents any kind of hurdle or pressure problem in the HVAC system. Our offered smoke fire dampers are catering to all the fire safety needs because:

  • Our smoke fire dampers are developed with ultra fine blades that ensure less pressure drop.
  • With the assurance of less pressure drop, the models are efficient enough for saving the energy.
  • With its easy assembly, inspection and maintenance become hassle free that are vital to ensure proper operation of a fire smoke damper.

It is very important to invest in those models that offer assurance of UL compliance and installation flexibility. KAD Air Conditioning is a leading smoke fire damper manufacturer and is highly experienced, reliable and provides high quality equipment to their clients and caters your life safety needs.


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