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Overview: Within the ductwork system, smoke fire damper resists the passage of air and smoke. In case of smoke fire damper once the smoke has been detected the smoke detector sends a signal to the damper actuator. The main work of smoke damper is to prevent the smoke from entering the room through heating, ventilation, or the ducts of the air conditioning system. These dampers are connected to a control panel that means the smoke detectors and controls are responsible for activating the damper, which makes testing easier for maintenance purpose. Smoke dampers are used to restrict the movement of smoke where ducts and air transfer opening penetrate assemblies that are designed to restrict the movement of smoke. The devices are installed to operate automatically, controlled by a smoke detection system, and where required, capable of being positioned from a remote command station.  The smoke damper can be directly installed on the ducts. The installation technique can be varying from one unit to the other, depending on the manufacturer. Smoke damper frame are made up of 16 gauges galvanized hat shape construction and blades are of 16 gauges triple V grove galvanized steel construction. Smoke dampers certified by UL carry a leakage class rating that indicates the level of air leakage measured through the damper under test conditions. Leakage ratings of the dampers are established at a minimum differential pressure of 4 in water gauge (WG), across the closed damper. Each listing of smoke damper is specified with respect to

  • Construction details of the assembly in which the damper is installed.
  • The leakage rating.
  • The damper mounting position (i.e. vertical or horizontal).
  • The minimum and maximum sizes of a single section.
  • The maximum size of multiple damper sections.

These smoke dampers are mainly designed and installed in the ductwork and the transfer of air openings prevents the passage of smoke between the sections. A smoke damper mainly works when a smoke is detected by a smoke detector that is located in the ductwork as well. These detectors are usually wired to a central alarm panel where an alarm will send a signal to an actuator attached to the smoke damper. KAD is one the authorized and certified smoke fire damper manufacturers in the UAE that specialize in cutting-edge technologies for the absolute best fire protection for their customers.


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